Henry Peachey Photography
Henry Peachey Photography

My wedding packages are usually based on Storybook albums by Graphi Studio of Italy.

There is no set number of images taken at the wedding. It is not based on the package or size of wedding. I take as many shots as each wedding requires. These are printed up to 6"x4" proofs, which are yours to keep. You can use these to choose the images to be included in your album. When the album layout is completed, you can view it for approval, before it is sent to Italy for printing. There are two sizes of Bridal Storybook; 20cm x 30cm and 25cm x 35cm.


      Size                        No. of images          Price

  20cm x 30cm                        50                 £850

  20cm x 30cm                        80                 £1050

  25cm x 35cm                        50                 £950

  25cm x 35cm                        80                 £1150



Order the 20cm x 30cm, 80 image Graphi Storybook and you will receive two free pocket books size 14cm x 10.5cm

Price £1050


Order the 25cm x 35cm, 80 image Graphi Storybook and you will receive two free parent books size 21cm x 15cm

Price £1150


I also produce a fabulous Landscape Panorama album which is 40cm x 23cm.

                                Containing 50 images                    £1250

                                Containing 80 images                    £1500


You will also receive a disc with all of the images from the wedding, with limited, personal use copyright.

This will allow you to share your wedding day on social media.


A deposit of £250 is payable on booking. The balance is payable at least 14 days prior to the wedding date.